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Audi announced a new a deal with FAW, its Chinese manufacturing partner, to expand its activities in China and introduce a series of luxury all-electric vehicles as well as a broader electrification of their lineup. They will introduce 5 new models – including one with over 300 miles of range.

The German automaker took notice that China became 2016 the worlds biggest e-Cars market and considering the Volkswagen group, Audi’s parent company, is among the few automakers committing to volume production of EVs, they will need market shares in China to sell those vehicles. It’s gonna be a new 10 year plan.

The Audi statement: «We are starting the next phase of our joint growth path in China. More than ever, our partnership is focusing on profitable, sustainable growth. China is the leading market worldwide for electric mobility. With our e-tron initiative, we want to create a compelling premium offer of products and services here.»

«In the past 29 years, Audi and the FAW Group have written Chinese automotive history. Together we have established the premium market in China and have continuously advanced its development. Now we are once again setting a historic milestone by enhancing our successful partnership with a strong roadmap for the coming decade.»

Evolution of CCS charging technology for e-cars towards 350 kW

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